Thinking in Print

  • Professor Catherine Amara, Faculty of Kiniseology and Physical Education
  • Professor Boba Samuels, Faculty of Kiniseology and Physical Education


“Thinking in Print” (TiP) is a curriculum design project to strategically and progressively develop undergraduate student communication skills with a view to facilitate learning of programme content and demonstration of reflective and critical thinking. The project will aim to systematically teach key components of writing across each semester of the four year BKin programme. Computer-driven technology will be used to develop interactive on-line learning modules for undergraduate students, graduate student TAs, and faculty. The modules will support enriched learning opportunities in tutorials, as well as enhanced assessment and feedback relating to key components of writing.

Writing embedded in courses is known to promote learning of content and discipline-specific ways of thinking. Student achievement in writing will be assessed by external, professional writing instructors using rubrics designed to assess key writing skills that demonstrate critical and reflective thinking as identified in the TiP programme. The impact of the programme will be determined using:

  1. external evaluation of written assignments at pre-implementation and annually for the duration of the project
  2. surveys (undergraduate student, graduate student, and faculty), and
  3. student course evaluations. The use of on-line resources along with structures (e.g., Writing TAs and course TAs, written assessments) already embedded in KPE courses supports the sustainability of this project.

The multidisciplinary nature of the FKPE allows TiP to be developed across a number of subfields and genres of writing, thereby facilitating the application of writing instruction for students and the transferability of this programme to other divisions at U of T.