Other UofT Teaching and Learning grants

NOTE: This list is not exhaustive. Check with your Dean’s office to determine if additional opportunities exist within your Division

Tri-Campus Teaching and Learning Centres

Online Learning Strategies

Online Learning Strategies is a  portfolio committed to development and implementation of the University’s online learning strategy. The mandate of this office is to identify, recommend and support the coherent provision of online learning solutions, services, processes and related  infrastructure required to serve the academic and administrative needs of the university.  This function is part of the Information and Technology Servicesgroup, reporting to the CIO. The Director of Online Learning Strategies, Laurie Harrison, provides strategic and tactical leadership while working closely with the Vice-Provost Academic Programs, the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation, and also the Director of Academic and Collaborative Technology and his team.

Academic & Collaborative Technologies

Academic & Collaborative Technology (ACT) is a partnership between the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation and Information + Technology Services (Office of the CIO) at the University of Toronto. ACT provides strategic and tactical leadership in the development and implementation of information technology services that support the academic mission for the university as a whole. ACT works with instructors, academic administrators, librarians, students, and professional staff (including teaching support units, instructional technologists and IT staff) to advance the University’s academic mission and in particular, its commitment to teaching.

Centre for Community Partnerships

The Centre for Community Partnerships connects students with opportunities to take action and learn from intentional community-based experiences outside the classroom, while building sustainable partnerships with community organizations across the GTA and Peel regions. These mutually beneficial partnerships help students on all three University of Toronto campuses deepen their understanding of the social, cultural, ethical and political dimensions of civic life through hands-on experiences working with Toronto’s social sector.

University of Toronto Libraries – Faculty Liaison Librarians

Liaison librarians may be consulted for a range of services offered by the library to support teaching and research. This includes:

  • research consultations for faculty
  • curriculum related instruction
  • course-customization of Blackboard “Library Resource” pages
  • tailored research guides for courses or programs
  • collection requests and suggestions
  • questions or suggestions about library and information technology services