Budget Information and Template

All proposals will require a detailed budget with the following sections:

Download the LEAF Budget Template

  1. A spreadsheet of expected expenses and funding sources (including in-kind sources).
  2. A budget justification for each item in the spreadsheet (250 words ).
  3. A description of existing university resources leveraged in support of the project (100 words).

General Guidelines: 

  • It is recommended and encouraged that LEAF recipients utilize existing University of Toronto resources where appropriate i.e., student participation, technical support services, professional services, etc.
  • LEAF funds may not be used for any of the following:
    • Pay faculty salaries.
    • Off‐set travel costs to conferences at which you are presenting your work.
    • Basic computer and related equipment expenses, nor will such items be considered as matching funds. However, specialized equipment that is specifically related to the project may be eligible, so long as a justification for inclusion is contained in the application.
    • Costs associated with project dissemination.