2016-17 Fund Grantees

Impact Grants

Helping UofT students through proactive coaching

Teaming up to re-imagine large-class education: Cross-discipline and course cases with in-class student group work and innovative immediate feedback assessment 

Self-paced Mastery-learning Pilot Project in Computer Science

The Engineering Challenges of Sustainable Cities: Collaborative Online Courses Integrating Insights from Canada and Africa

Scholars-in-Residence Summer Undergraduate Humanities Research Residency 

Seed Grants

Integration of Movement Breaks into the Undergraduate Classroom: Keeping students and instructors active and engaged

Diversifying Astronomy: Introducing Indigenous astronomy and sky lore into the astronomy classroom

The Virtual Mystery: Engaging students in large courses with an online hybridized problem-based learning project

University of Toronto Outdoors (UTO): Engaging place-based and expeditionary learning